Tech180 - Redefining Aerospace Test

You'll always have to test, but you don't have to test the way you always have. Tech180's modular, reconfigurable platforms let you solve the world's toughest challenges faster. Tech180 is paving the road for aerospace engineering test systems. View all 5, Tech180 videos that we produced at the Tech180 website below. 

Mothership Puzzle Project - Kickstarter

The Mothership Puzzle Project is a massive eye-spy, inspired by nature and timeless wonder. The hand cut 8.5 ft x 4.5 ft collage mural is made entirely of repurposed recyclable materials. The mural was converted into 15, laser-cut, wooden puzzles that retained the immaculate detail of this mural. This is the official Kickstarter video.


Cornell Rowing - Coach Todd Kennett 

Todd Kennett is head coach of the Division I Collegiate heavyweight rowing program at Cornell University. In 2006 and 2008, his varsity boat captured both the Eastern Sprints Regatta and the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships.

Happier Valley Comedy "Not In Charge"

A fast paced improvised comedy show inspired by true stories.
Not In Charge is Mandy Anderson, Maddy Benjamin, Sally Ekus, Kate Jopson, Julie Waggoner, and Jim Young.
On the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Harrington Events "Club Party" - Live Event

Harrington Events is a boutique entertainment design firm. They build and style custom entertainment solutions for your unique event. Polished and elegant, but universally accessible, they parlay their unique background in theater and design, along with a decade of luxury event expertise, into a singular customer experience.

Xenoma E-Skin - CES Promotional Video

Xenoma’s e-skin is the next generation wearable interface enabling camera-free motion capture and tracking in apparel which are as comfortable to wear as a typical shirt.

LSSE "NUTC" - Promotional Video

In 2001 Amherst Leisure Services and Tiina Booth launched the first overnight ultimate camp in the United States! Since then, campers from as far away as California, Colorado, Washington, Colombia, Germany, and South Africa have traveled to Amherst to join local players at the National Ultimate Training Camp. These intensive camps are open to both boys and girls. From daily drills to skills competitions to an all-camp tournament, campers will spend five days and night immersed in the sport of ultimate.

H2knO - Promotional Video

H2knO's mission is to champion water consumption in schools. They do this by improving water access, heightening individuals' knowledge about the benefits of drinking water, and incentivizing the development of this lifelong, healthy, sustainable habit.

Kaon "Lenovo Virtual Rack" - Product Promotional video

Engage with 3D Product Models (which look and behave like the actual products) on two 40" Kaon v-OSK MT interactive touch screens mounted within an ACTUAL rack, creating a user experience relevant to a real-world environment.

Summer Sound Music Festival - Promotional Video

Summer Sound, Memorial Day Weekend Live at Tanglewood aims to provide a weekend of music, and fun in the heart of the Berkshires at the beautiful Tanglewood Music Center in Lenox, MA.

Lindsay and Sam Labonte -

Wedding  Video

Lindsay and Sam Labonte's beautiful wedding day at Valley View Farm. Haydenville, MA. August 30th, 2019.