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Alex Terrill

Director of Photography / Executive Producer

Alex Terrill Director of Photography

Alex is a multi-talented and deadline-driven video producer and cinematographer with 11+ years of career experience in multimedia and entertainment production environments. He is an artistic and creative visionary with expertise in concept creation, crew management and workflow organization. Alex possesses vital communication skills and a unique “eye” for shot composition. 


Alex has produced award winning content that has aired nationally. His extensive experience with product videos, corporate events, high stakes interviews and outdoor adventure cinematography make him a reliable and flexible asset on any project. Alex continues to produce content that he believes will positively impacts society and nature.   


 Alex keeps up with software and its ongoing advancements by utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, which has implemented a seamless workspace where collaboration and program integration have no limits. 



Sony FX6, Sony A7Siii, DJI Mavic 3 Pro CINE, DJI Ronin, teleprompter, Mac Studio Pro, GoPro Hero 8, many lights, many microphones, projector and screen, event speaker system with sound board, and more. 

When Alex isn't on set, he enjoys a long bike ride, kayaking on the lake and spending time at the beach with his wife and 2 daughters. 

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